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ivory-brown-best-wedding-cake-designerYou’d love to have high on a sugar wedding, but wedding cake does not appeal to you? There are always means to get it your way! Discover our guide for wedding cakes alternatives!

Dear brides, it seems that the era of wedding cakes is to pass! Well, let’s face the truth: those richly decorated, often very expensive sugary mountains often look better than they taste... But I know, a wedding wouldn’t be the same without sweet calories.  So is the wedding cake the ultimate solution? Well, the answer is NO, for more and more couples resign from a four tiered, cream – drape, sugar - roses concoctions for something simpler and even more tasty.

1st option: singly served

Cupcake, anyone?  Yes, the undisputable wedding hit, a cupcake is being quite a fashionable “must have” for wedding. Often used as a sweet favour for wedding guest, cupcakes shall be a perfect and not less showy substitute for a wedding cake. You can mix different flavours, so each guest can find what they like. You can have them decorated in a manner which you prefer and find more in accordance with your wedding theme. Display them in a decorative way, heaped on platters or decorating shelves. Those tiny confectionary artworks can be as well a sweet complement for your wedding decor.

2nd option: mad passion

I didn’t happen to came upon someone who would say “I hate chocolate”. That sweet sin of many is a wonderful and creative way to make up for the lack of wedding cake.  The idea is to create a chocolate station bar with various types and forms of chocolate served. You can have a chocolate fountain (latest fashion) and a platters filled with chocolate from different lands.  You can serve the chocolate fondue with fruits cuts to be dipped in. And for winter reception: a gorgeous and tempting hot chocolate station with spiced and flavoured hot chocolate drinks and some dry little pastries to go with.

3rd option: chill out

Many weddings actually takes place during the summer. And often happens that hot weather and just eaten butter cream filled be – sugared sponge cake   monster are not exactly encouraging guest to take part in dancing and funny wedding doings. The solution is a really cool one, or shall I said chilly? Yes, ice cream wagon.  Classic creamy, or fruity sorbets, with various condiments and toppings to be served in many ways. Not only delicious solution which will allow your friends to chose whatever they like, as much as refresh their spirits and bodies!

4th option: home sweet home

If you’re having a very traditional reception with old family dishes there is nothing better to serve at the end of the meal than a piece of a pie or a homemade biscuit.  Classic rhubarb, cherries or blackberries as well as some fancy ones: macadamia nut, coconut custard.  And of course the biscuits: chocolate chips, shortbreads... Could anyone say no to such a feast?  Well, I couldn’t, and bet neither could you. To make all the thing easier you can ask your friends to bake some pies and bring them  to the wedding: in this way they will contribute to your event!

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