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Villa PodervonoIf what you are dreaming  for your wedding reception is a place filled with magic, surrounded by nature yet not remote and comfortable, there is a place you might wish to visit...

Presiding over Siena hills, encircled by  greenery, Villa Podernovo is a wonderful Italian venue, where your wedding reception will be hold with all the attention and care.
The Villa is located in vicinities of a truly mysterious spot. And all started with a brave knight and his sword. This place is the Abbey of san Galgano, which took its name after saint. The saint actually was a brave medieval warrior, who at some point of his life turned hermit. The legend says he stuck his sword in the rock for the need of cross in a front of which to pray. The legend goes as a legend, but the fact is the sword stays there until now. Around the rock a Montesiepi Chapel was build, where in truly alluring atmosphere weddings can be celebrated.  A wonderful reception in charming Villa Podernovo will only complete the magic of the day.


A hearty reception

In this charming venue you’ll feel right at home, a sensation which will make the reception all more pleasurable. For not only warm welcome from fluently English speaking owners but also the exclusivity of services guarantee a day full of unforgettable and beautiful emotions. For your wedding day, all the Villa’s facilities are dedicated to you and your guests. A private salt water swimming pool, all outdoor areas as well as lovely and tastefully furnished interiors. However, every other request you may have can be provided with great profession and kindness. But the service and surroundings are not the only things which will turn your big day into a fairly tale.



As much important as venue is the reception meal, and be sure that the one provided by Villa Podernovo will only add to the lovely memoirs of this significant day. Villa’s catering is based upon traditional Tuscan cuisine guided by simplicity and quality of the ingredients. Variety of best meats, such as world famous  Chianina steak, homemade pasta, locally grown vegetables here, at Villa Podernovo will taste at their best, especially if washed away with some of Tuscany famous wines. Roasted meats, homemade pizzas and focaccias hot from the wood oven, delicious pastries are only few of delicacies which you’ll be able to taste and not only. At the Villa you’ll be given a chance to purchase and bring home some of culinary specialities: biologically grown vegetables and their preserves, pastas and cereal soups, olive oil produced from Tuscan olives.

Before and after


Villa Podernovo is a perfect place where with the nearest family you can relax before and after the wedding. Exclusive rental of the Villa will allow you to accommodate up to 18 persons, which together with you will benefit from the stay in this wonderful relaxing place and its 5 rustic but so cosy apartments. Surrounded by harmony and tranquillity you’ll never want to leave the Villa: for it will become your Italian home away from home.

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