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best-cake-designers-in-all-worldToday’s wedding cake is not only something sweet  with which to finish the reception. They have to be joy not only for palate but for your eyes as well. Get inspired by works of best wedding cakes designers!

Even if wedding trends depart a little from classic wedding desserts, true remains the fact that wedding cake is still considered important part of the wedding reception. And so the bakeries and especially wedding cake designer’s servicers are really requested by brides. Today’s fashion wants the wedding cake not only to be tasty. It has to be pleasure to the eyes as well, working often as a part of wedding decoration. In fact the esthetical factor for brides who are deciding on baker or designer is the way the cake looks. Modern cakes are non just tasty, but as well fashionable. They are to match the wedding style, color and as well reflect the couple’s personality. Classic tiered cakes with creative decorations,  cake towers or fantastic sweet creations: always more tasty, more beautiful and innovative.
In our search for inspiration we chose three truly amazing wedding cake designers. Photos of their works can be seen in most trendy wedding  magazines, as well as at pastry and wedding shows. So, dear brides, please meet the three wedding cake master artist.

Le Torte di Renato

Our native cake designer, Renato Ardovino can easily be called an art master, for a part from being a pastry chef, he’s got degree from the Art Academy. His artistic talents however he decided to redirect toward wedding cakes, creating entirely new style in Italian wedding cake design.  In his works art and confectionery meet, giving amazing and often breathtaking results, which earned him a place among Italy’s 10 top cake designers. Renato is working with best Italian wedding planners with great success, for he gives all his attention to create unique and personalized wedding cakes, which always capture not only the attention but as well palate of his clients and wedding guests. Here are some examples of his beautiful works, which surely will inspire you...

Michelle Sugar Art

A British cake designer Michele Wibowo thanks to her wonderful sweet creations earned a title of sugar sculptress.  Michelle is an architect, by she puts her skills into cake design. From looking natural to the least detail sugar sculptures, throughout the cake toppers to incredibly creative and artistic wedding cake, here works are always considered masterpieces of confectionary art, which were recognized many times  by culinary associations. Back in 2008 Michelle won the gold and the silver during Olipiade der Köche the Culinary Olympiad and just recently won the title of the Ideal Cake Decorator for 2011. Her creative works are always beautiful and breathtaking, just check for yourself:  the “Cake Boss”. However, to inspire you here are some photos of his most charming works:wedding-cake-michelle

The Carlo’s Bakery

Better known as the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro is the chief confectioner of the family run business in US. Maintaining the family traditions, Buddy with his team prepare some of most unbelievable sweet creations. His works combine the classic flavors, modern style and technique, for some of his cakes are equipped electronic gadgets for more realistic look. Buddy and his team’s dedication to quality and excellence has been recognized more than once by top wedding publications, such as “The Knot” or a “Modern bride”. His wedding cakes are the reflection of couples’ personality and style, always a very personal and unique works.  You can see him at work in his TV series: “



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