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winter-wedding-dress-for-italian-weddingCoats, capes, wraps and Christmas: all to keep you warm on your special winter day. Discover with us how to be warm and fashionable winter bride!

A winter Christmassy wedding surely is a beautiful. With all the Christmas lights, carols and of course sparkling white snow it is prone to be wonderful... and cold. Since the wedding dresses are quite showy creations, which rather reveal the bride’s beauty it might be quite a quest to warm yourself. With the modern fashion for strapless, sleeveless and often backless dresses the weather conditions may cause some issues... Of course not in the venue, but on your way to church, in a church (especially if it is a big cathedral)  and of course on your way to the reception place. Surely you won’t look attractive with blue nose and goose skin all over you, trembling not with emotions but with cold. The remedy to all this is to chose the right clothe to put over your gorgeous wedding dress. And, be sure, there are many options!


A bridal coat
: probably most popular. They come in so many different styles and in so many fabrics you may yet have problem to chose. The most popular: white of course! Full or knee length, with long or Elbow sleeves (for this one you’ll probably need gloves). To keep warmer you can chose among hood, shawl collar or fur collar. The coats are usually made of wool, but some are made of satin, with some fur lining under and at the hem and sleeves. Other materials which are very popular for bridal overcoats are taffeta, velvet and moiré, which thanks to being more consistent are better protecting from chilly weather.


A cape is very nice alternative though. Especially if you’re having a wedding photos taken outside church, in which situation to stay long in heavy and hot coat might be too much. The capes usually are made of natural or synthetic fur, but very popular as well are hooded ones, made of heavy fabrics, which actually are a wonderful alternative to the bridal veil. No matter what length, they can even be knitted or coloured (red velvet for Christmas), it all depends on your ideas and likes. Important thing: you must be warm, for a shivering bride wont enjoy herself much.


Wraps. classic and elegant will surely keep you warm. Wraps are kind o cloak, wrapped around your  upper body (shoulders) for warmth, kind of a shawl. They are probably the most creative way to keep warm on your winter wedding day. You can use any fabric you like, any length you like. Fur for fuzzy look and warmth, velvet for elegance or layers of satin for the love of it. You can have its hems finished with fur or embroidered with pearls, or have their colour to harmonize with your wedding theme. No matter what material, wraps will look gorgeous with simple, long dresses.

And...since everyone will be looking at your hands that day, you’ll have to think of some protection for them as well. Unfortunately some people’s hands tempt to get purplish in cold, and red when back to warm. Don’t let that happen to you. A pair of long satin, or short leather gloves won’t harm you, but will only complete your wedding look. A fluffy muff with some flowers pinned to it will keep your hands warm, and is a wonderful alternative to bridal bouquet.


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