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winter-skin-care-for-your-wedding-in-italyWinter bride needs to take particular care about her beauty. The right face cream and protective lipstic are only part of the success. Discover winter beauty tips!

Winter with its winds and long temperature may cause several damages to not only your skin, freezing winds, temperature changes: all this can make even loveliest complexion to like a wall with peeling off paint. Surely, this is not what any women, and particularly a future bride desires. Find out our tips on winter fighting skin treatments not only for brides to be.


Above all you have to move!

Exercise is crucial for staying healthy. If you decide on daily routine of aerobic and cardio will loosen your muscles and joints, and will keep you limber all the day. Very important thing is to start from a shower. Use it as a kind of hydrotherapy, switching the water from hot to cold and from cold to hot for 15 seconds, as long as two minutes. It will wake up your blood circulation.


A very important thing is to get rid of dead skin cells, which tend to pile up in winter, preventing  nutritive substances to penetrate the deeper skin layers. Chose the peeling  exfoliation adapted to your skin tyoe and the part of body. For your face best are light peelings, with small grains, for your body: use the one you like most. As well, you can prepare a homemade peeling with simple ingredients such as brown sugar, coffee, rock salt and of course olive oil. If you add some cinnamon oil or orange oil, it will warm you up as well. For exfoliating chapped lips do something super simple: dip your finger in honey and brown sugar and massage your lips for few minutes.


Be very careful with face cleansing cosmetics you’re using. The sebum regulating cosmetics you’ve used in winter can me just too strong for your skin, causing irritations. Good quality natural or herbal soap due to its high fat content will be just the perfect cleanser for your face, especially that in winter they care for dried skin.

Moisturise and once again moisturize!
Winter is time to start the heavy moisturizing. A high protection cream for day with the right SPF will be a must have for  winter beauty products. Don’t let yourself looking as if you have some dreadful skin disorder. Don’t forget to moisturize all your body, not only your skin. Apply double portion of the lotion on places where the skin tends particularly to get dried: knees and elbows. Using lotions with glycolic or lactic acid can be effective at reversing the dry skin and penetrated to deeper layers. Important thing is alternate the products you are using, for in this way your skin won’t get into routine.
Of course no moisturizers, face creams or peeling will never give you what a healthy diet will. In winter it is really important to  keep a good diet during the winter. First of all proteins, which you can get from nuts, peas, beans and lean meats. Dairy products as well have some benefits for your skin care and general health during the winter. You may start to take care for your immune system: vitamin supplements, especially in winter may come handy!

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