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wedding_vampire_theme_inspirations_2“Dracula”, “Vampire’s dairies”, and of course “Twilight saga”... seems vampires are very on top lately. So why not to have a vampire themed wedding reception?

If asked, which was the most popular wedding of the year, most people will answer: the royal British wedding of Kate and William. Quite true, until now. A fairly tale, Cinderella story like weddings now belong to past. There is a new theme and new inspiration even for wedding parties: vampires. And probably the most famous and long waited for wedding of this year, was that of Edward Cullen and Isabella  Swan, in the “Braking dawn”, the fourth part of the famous “Twilight” saga. So if you’re looking for very special vampire wedding theme, and  you’re not exactly into dark and gothic, you should get some ideas from Cullen’s wedding.


Elegancy elegancy...

First of all: the vampire wedding is all about elegancy and class. There is no place for things to happen, everything must be perfect. Decorations worked to the last detail. Colour range: well, any dark you like, but as it seems a white vampire wedding may be truly astonishing event. First of all: chose the table liner matching your wedding. You can use black with red, black with purple, red with gold, well, whatever came into your dark mind. Then take care about the decorations:  drapes of black tulle hung from ceiling, candelabras and antic furniture. Still, if this heave and a little bit exaggerated style it’s not really you, take example from the modern Culllen vampires: strings of white flowers hanging from the trees, wooden benches and lots of magic light.

Here comes the bride!...

The vampire bride above all should feel good with her attire. Even if the dark gothic colours and heavy fabrics seem to be the most appropriated, there is no rule saying what you have to wear. Vampires were suppose to live throughout centuries, so surely they clothing changed. Anything, as long it is not so typical wedding gown will do. You can take inspiration from middle age wedding gowns, with simple lines ,or from baroque with all its lavishness. To add some vintage won’t be problem: just picture yourself in 20’ like flowing and long wedding gown. Of course, those brides who desire a little bit of tradition can take example form Edward’s spouse, Bella: her wedding gown was a true masterpiece, which combined the romantic simplicity with sexy and stylish look.


The wedding is all about fun, so please forget the famous “Toccata” and “Fuga” by Beethoven (even a rock version), which unfortunately is being so often associated with vampires. Just pick up a compilation of your favourite pieces or hire a band which will accompany you and your guests all night long.

As far as venue goes, this kind of wedding requires somewhere really special. A castle, a villa or super luxury hotel perhaps... Well, there are so many options. But for a truly special vampire wedding reception we propose some of breathtaking Italian wedding locations. Just check them out!

Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese - Lazio

Hilton Sorrento Palace

A place where you find yourself near the stars, admiring the mesmerizing view of Rome. Perfect place for elegant wedding reception.
Situated just in the heart of Eternal City, this venue will charm and mesmerize you and your guests. Terrace restaurant overlooking the panorama, elegant reception halls, comfortable rooms, and professional staff will take care for every desire you may have for your Italian wedding day.
Find out more about this elegant wedding venue...

Villa Benveduti – Umbria

Villa Benveduti

In a borderline of Umbria and Tuscany there is a magic place, a truly enchanting location for your Italian wedding.
The Villa Benveduti is perfect venue where to host your big and small events. With wonderful rooms decorated with frescoes, magnificent secular park and antique cellar it is a place where your “I do” will have a special meaning.
Discover this exclusive wedding location in an unforgettable region...

Hotel Lanzillotta – Apulia

Hotel Lanzillotta

There is a place which seems to belong to another world… just in the centre of charming town of Alberobello dreams of your wedding will come true.
Hotel Lanzilotta in Apulia is a place of extraordinary hospitality. An old mansion, build back in 1700 with use of white stone guarantee only best services and accommodation for your big day. Typical trulli constructions and of course heartily Italian food: all this surrounded by magic atmosphere makes weddings one in life time events.
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Hotel Excelsior - Marche

Hotel Excelsior Pesaro

The only place in the city of Pesaro where your wedding celebration will be as glamorous and special as only any bride ever deserved.
The Hotel Excelsior Pesaro is a stunning location which will take care for every single detail connected to your big day organization. With all dedication and professionalism all your wishes will be realized to make the wedding a truly fabulous one, while you and your guests enjoy all the hotel’s luxury services and sunbath on private beach.
Find out more about this beautiful, stunning wedding venue...



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