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Still deciding on best date for your Italin wedding? Sunny summer day or glowing springtime? For all those who didn’t yet decide on their wedding date for next year, here is a calendar of italian “not to marry” days.

Imagine this... wonderful wedding dress, delicious reception prepared... and you missing half your guests due to the street traffic. Or, better still, you are superstitious, and the Friday you’ve chosen happens to be the 13th day of the month... This is why choosing the right wedding date is so important. You can’t simply pick up a date, you have to think about it quite well, what means sitting with a calendar, checking out dates and feasts and auspicious Fridays. To help you a little bit in planning your wonderful Italian wedding, here is for you, the 2012 calendar, including only the days during which you would better avoid to marry in this beautiful country.


So let us start with unlucky days... Yes, the famous Friday 13th. In fact the 13th was always considered the unlucky date to tie the knot, leave alone the feral Friday. Actually some couples find even the weekend after being not exactly best for wedding. In next year there will three bad Fridays:

January 13, 2012
April 13, 2012
July 13, 2012
As for the specific date when to not get married is as well the 1st of April,  better known as the Fool’s day. It may be wise to avoid that particular date, just for the sake of the  “funnies” among your wedding guests. You wouldn’t like your wedding ruined by stupid and often nasty jokes, would you?
Religious and national festivities although often chosen as wedding dates, may be not exactly best choice. Car traffics can cause delays, bead weather may be the reason for airplane cancellation. The beautiful hotel and villas can be crowded with families taking their advantage on holidays. Here are some dates for Italian festivities, during which it is better to avoid a wedding:

Easter Sunday: April 8, 2012

Liberation Day: April 25

May Day: May 1 – especially if it happens to be near the weekend (Friday or Monday) Italians use to go on holidays with all their families

All Saints’ Day: November 1- although a national holiday in most countries, this day is directly related to dead, as well as the day after Halloween. It is not exactly best day to chose for your wedding, especially in a catholic country

Christmas period: December 24 to December 26, even if romantic time for a perfect wedding, for Italians it is a time to spend with their families, visiting each other

There is another date, or better period when it’s considered better to not set your wedding date. Important sport games... Surely on your wedding day you would love the attention of all your guests set upon you, not the telly? Especially the male guests. Some would say unfortunately but every four years there happen to take place important football matches, and in 2012 the Euro will be played. Especially important are the last days, when the most deciding matches are transmitted.
Dates for Euro: June 8 to July 1, 2012.

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