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best-wedding-invitation-vintageWedding invitations: the first glimpse your guests will have on your wedding, so they have to synchronise with your wedding theme. Discover everything about vintage wedding invitations!

To chose the right wedding invitation is counted already half the success of your wedding. And as your wedding your invitations must be perfect. Of course they should be based on theme you choose for your wedding. And as the most popular wedding theme for upcoming wedding season is definitely vintage, we shall help you to find the perfect vintage invites.
Of course, the first thing is to select the time period, for vintage range from 1920’ to 50’. Those years may seems  to not be so distant one from another, but as it was period of changes, so the styles where changing a lot. If you know on which period you want to focus, we can go on!


Once, chosen the period, you’ll have to decide on colours for the participations. A very popular option are soft colours, such as delicate pastels, but if you prefer something more showy there’s no problem. The lively colours are perfect for art deco details. However, the latest trends advice to mix different colours on invitations, pastels with bold paints.


Then next thing to get right is the embellishment. Flowers, as a key pint of the wedding might be great inspiration for your vintage wedding invitations: roses, forget me not...  But if you’re looking for something more original you can get great inspirations from old good vintage adverts or postcards. As well, the old cinema posters may give you some great  ideas. The printed invitations give you possibility of creating your unique and amazing invitations, done just the way you want them. Still, very popular among vintage wedding invitations are ones made with fabrics, such as lace and pieces of colourful ribbons, with which you can really show your skills, deciding on how and where to tie them.  As far as printing the paper allows you great flexibility for styles, whereas fabrics and other bits give you way to creativity. You can use anything you come up with, starting from decorative pieces of lace and fabric to buttons and feathers. Invitations can even include the couple’s photo, adjusted to look  very old fashioned.


What’s more: you can use different printing techniques to make the participations more vintage. The best idea for this old style will be to relay on letterpress printing, which is truly gorgeous and effective. Still, it may make the price of invites to go higher, so to not get over your budget you may consider use of normal, digital printer.  Using different fonts and styles will surely allow you to get what you want!
To plan a truly gorgeous vintage wedding, you’ll have to put together several different details, and the invitations are the most important, for not only they give your guest a hint about what to expect from the entire event, but as well are showing them that you really care for those invited.


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