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wedding-in-tuscanyAs all the world is preparing for the new year, the 2012, our team is as always taking care to give you all the best for your Italian wedding. And so, for the new wedding season we decided to find out best Italian wedding locations. Find out with us most enchanting places to where tie the knot.

If you’re looking for somewhere romantic and enchanting for your special wedding Tuscany is the right answer. A land of art, beauty and romance, it has always been in hearts and souls of artists. Dante, Petrarch, Botticelli, Santi: those are just a few of extraordinary examples of artist whose creations were inspirited by the beauty and atmosphere of this wonderful region. Green gentle hills, olive groves, vineyards and sunflowers... Sounds like a fairy tale? Perhaps, but Tuscany and its treasures are true.

Wedding in Tuscany

So... what you have to do to visit this amazing place? Well, first of all you’ll have to book a ticket. In Tuscany there are two major international airports:  the one in Florence, the Amergio Vespucci airports and the second one in Pisa, The Galileo Galilei International Airport, which is located about 1,5 km away from Pisa centre, and easy to reach. The Florentine airport however is the more important one, since from here all national locations flights are covered, a fact which makes Amerigo Vespucci a perfect mid travel stop. The airport is located four kilometres away from the city centre, but means of public transport make it easy to travel to and from.


But Tuscany is not only beautiful nature. Beauty of some Tuscan cities has brought them onto the list of World Heritage Sites: the charming historic centres of Florence and Siena, the square of the Cathedral in Pisa, historical centre of San Gimignano town, the historical centre of Pienza and the beautiful Val d’Orcia, the Orcia river’s Valley. Wonderful cities where the spirit of great poets and painters is still alive. After all it is Tuscany where the concept of renaissance was born, and where it survived till modern days, spellbound in architecture, life and atmosphere.


However, while speaking about Tuscany, we cannot miss what is most famous for Italy: the delicious food. To understand the Tuscan cuisine however, we have to make a trip back in time, to the period when Etruscans lived, what means even before the arrival of Romans. Those people love their land and life, so they were taking from both all they could get:  best of food and even better wine (in fact historic blame this little wine weakness for the fall of Etruscans).  Hearty dishes garnished with high quality meats, mushrooms and best olive oil. For centuries the Roman and Etruscan cuisine were living side by side, often giving origins to most delicious and characteristic dishes from this enchanting region. With 12 century, and Florence gaining its strength, the traditional food become less showy and more simple. Very common were dishes based on grains or chestnuts with slight add of some herbs.

The famous focaccia and castagnaccio bread are what we have left from that times.  However, by improving its agricultural techniques, Tuscan soon became famous for production of its typical products. However with the fall of Medici family, the traditional Tuscan cuisine was once again forgotten (at least in so called high class) for the benefit of those French, which furthermore contributed to the shape the Tuscan food has now: heavy sauces to garnish simple dishes prepared of corn, wheat or chestnuts. Meats and vast choice of game aromatized with herbs and of course all what nature can give: wild berries, nuts, fruits and mushrooms.

And what’s most important for weddings: Tuscany is place where every hill is crowned with a castle or charming villa, all of which perfect places for romantic and unforgettable wedding in Italy.
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