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mother-of-the-bride-dressLadies just like flowers are the beautifying factor for the wedding. Bridesmaids, the bride and of course her mother: let us help you chose the right dress.

Of course for wedding everyone wants to look their best and fashionable. It goes especially for those who will be under the spotlights most of the day. And not only bride and groom, but their parents as well. Today however we would love to give some advice to mothers of all our beautiful brides. Even if they don’t read bridal websites, try to pass it on them!


1. Too young or too old?...

Above all, while deciding on wedding attire the mother of bride should, like it or not, consider her age. The actual centre of the day will be the bride, so is it really necessary to try to draw the attention by appropriated look?  Not necessarily. Remember, the mother is a mother, so no sexy miniskirts or low necklines tops. It is far more better to highlight your assets.

2. Consider the wedding theme and right color

The best color for mother of bride will be: no white! Yes, for this color is reserved for the bride. The best idea for the mom will be to wear something matching the colors of the wedding or her daughter’s gown.  Knowing the wedding theme will be very useful as well, for mostly people try to wear something suitable and quite matching the theme.

3. The right timing

The mother should start the research for her outfit some weeks before the planned event. It is even considerable to start to look for it a few months before the wedding, so she can have a proper look through the assortment. The advantage is, that weddings are always scheduled several months ahead, which gives plenty of time to decide on the right clothing. The good idea is to start looking on designs on the Internet.

4. Never alone!

When buying an outfit for the wedding,  it is good to have someone with you. Advice your mom to take a friend or maybe the groom’s mom to look for the perfect gown. If she’s not sure what to chose or what fits her best she’ll need some advice.  The best idea however is to shop with the bride herself. It will be fun for both, being a bonding time before the daughter starts her own family. Besides, being the modus operandi of the “wedding” action, the bride will know best what is right and what she would love to see the day which will be the most important one in her life.

5. Consider the price

While buying a onetime outfit the most considered factor of course is the price, especially for the parents of bride and groom, who often contribute to the wedding. In this case purchasing cheaper clothes may be a good idea without feeling guilty or making sacrifices. After all there are so many beautiful designs and fasons!

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