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wedding-in-naplesCalled by many the Sunny City. The capital of Campania region and one of most beautiful places in the world: Naples, a place where it never rains.

Originally founded by Greeks in 9century BC, Naples for many ages played important role in the history of Italy and Europe, witnessing falls and rising of many populations. Now days well known for it culture, art and history, Naples is a spectacular places more than gladly visited by tourists from all over the world. Of course most foreigners visitors arrived here by plane, landing in Naples’s Capodichino Airport, situated circa 6km away from the city centre and well connected by public transport. However, while in Naples it is best to rent a scooter, avoiding traffic and impatient drivers (it is said that who learned to drive in Naples, is save to drive all over the world).


Once in Naples you’ll have to think well about where to visit, for this charming city will give you so many opportunities. Being located in truly privileged place, it is often called the  gateway to the south. And it’s true, for south from Naples there are two most mesmerizing Italian coastlines: Sorrento and Amalfi. Not only, cause some of historical monuments are located nearby: Pompeii and Herculanum, two ancient cities destroyed in 79AC by the eruption of mount Vesuvius, which till now guards and threatens the gulf. Still it is one of most beautiful cities in the world, and what!

Wedding in Naples

Just in the town, the place really worth to visit is the old town, with little streets, hidden squares and  thousands of tiny shops. Some of them are very popular in Christmas period, for are selling and producing parts necessary for construction of crèches, starting with classic personalities trough out to personalities from Neapolitan tradition to funny figures of politics and other famous people. To walk the historic centre of Naples is something difficult to forget (especially if you’re being  robbed) with all lively activities going on, the true Neapolitans shouting out their windows and balconies: well, in other words a complete picture of everyday life in this chaotic but beloved city. However, which are the things to see and visit in Naples?


Well, this city is true jewel of art, history architecture and culture. Here you shall find remains from every epoch passed. In museums, such as National Archaeological Museums historical treasure are preserved, and not only those from Italy but from other lands as well. The San Martino Museum is located in wonderful Carthusian Monastery and holds exhibitions dedicated to the history of Naples. But Naples has as well many beautiful churches to be visited: the Duomo, which is the Cathedral: it is well known for sheltering the relics of san Gennaro, the saint patron of the city. The relics, in form of glass vial filled with the saint’s blood is well known for its miraculous liquefaction twice a year. Church of Santa Chiara – This church originated in 1300 and was restored after the Second World War during which it was damaged in air-raid bombing. It was returned to its original Provencal Gothic style. The funeral monument of Robert I of Anjou is to be noted. In the nearby Convent in Piazza del Gesù, there is a wonderful majolica-tiled Cloister to be seen.

Wedding in naples

Of course walking as much you will surely get hungry. And here again Naples will surprise you with richness of fragrant pasta dishes, gnocchi or delicious fish, not to mention selection of cheeses: variety of ricotta (fresh as well as cured), famous mozzarella, scamorza and provola. Being a seaside place, in Naples variety of fish and sea food dishes , but probably one of most characteristic is baccalà (cod) typically cooked for Christmas, but dishes such as pasta con in calamari cooked with squid sauce and with wine, spaghetti alle vongole (mussels) and many others. Still there is one dish famous all over the world, which only here will taste at its truest and best: pizza, which actually originates from this beautiful city. Having pizza in Naples, you’ll discover that what you’ve been eating till now was just a joke or impression about pizza. If you want to finish meal in traditional way, you have to have sweets: delicious babà with rum,  hot sfogliatella filled with ricotta and orange zest or in christmass period struffoli, deep fried pastry balls with honey and candied fruits. All you can desire for your holidays of wonderful Italian wedding in Naples. For toasts variety of locally produced wines from rich lands surrounding the mount Vesuvius: Greco di Tufo, Aglianico or Taurasi.
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