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Wedding_Makeup_LooksFor the special moment of your life surprise everyone with stunning look. Perfect for winter or off beat wedding Snow Queen makeup will set all spotlights on you!

“She was so beautiful and delicate (...) her eyes gazed like two stars”... Surely everyone of you knows the Andersen’s “Snow Queen” fairly tale. And probably many of you as kids imagined herself being such a queen of cool and exquisite beauty. Finally arrives the day it come true: you are the queen at your wedding, wearing wonderful tailored dress, fancy flowers and super stylish look. All girls are supposed to be queens at their wedding day, but to be a Snow Queen means special make up. For all wintery brides the short guideline for Snow Queen bridal make up!



First of all: the gaze of Snow Queen is to be mesmerizing and catching the attention. To achieve this effect it is very important to get the right make up. Your eyes should evoke sense of snow and frost. So use your primer or foundation to cover your eyelids. Primers will be very useful for the eyeshades, letting them blend better and prolong their staying. Perfect to start with are pearl and frost shades, which will help to create your stunning gaze. With silvers, pale greys, white and pale pastels such as blue colour the upper eyelid from lashes to the brow bone. Don’t forget to make a line on the bottom lash line with use of same colours and flat make up brush. To colour your eyelids from crease to lashes use darker shades of grey or blue. Navy or shimmering silver will be great as well, though when using navy you may brush a little powdered silver shade to give it a frosty effect. To give the depth to your eyes line them with dark blue or black eyeliner, tough dark grey or silver will look as nice. To finish apply white or glitter mascara to your lashes.



The most important thing to remember: the snow queen has never seen the light of day. So to make your make up perfect you will have give your face pale and cool complexion (unless that’s your beauty type). To get this effect it is enough to use light coloured foundation and make up. Of course the base is to apply the primer before putting on your face anything else. Apply the light coloured foundation all over your face  using a makeup sponge and spread it evenly and set it with translucent powder.


For more courageous or off beat brides there are some tricks to obtain the icy look in even better fashion. Instead of pale foundation you can use white face paint, and do your lips with gold or silver matte lipstick. Adding some faux crystals  near your eyes will be nice accent, while extending your eyelashes from their line to the temples will create mysterious look.


Here the ideas range from very glossy to matte. Since the Snow Queen’s lips are supposed to be blue due to cold and lack of blood circulation use some of your foundation for pale lips effect. Than you can cover it with white lip-gloss . however, to add some bluishness you can delicately dab your lips with pale blue eyeshade and then cover it with translucent or pearl-white lipstick.



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