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wedding-speech-guideWedding speeches: those often bring cold sweat on many peoples foreheads. Well, don’t stress, with the help of our guide you’ll wrote a perfect wedding speech!

You are an important gust at the wedding: the bridesmaid of honour, the best man, the mom or dad of the spouses, and so everyone is expecting you to make a speech at the wedding. But just to think of it makes you feel dizzy and run cold sweat. Cause of course to give a speech at someone’s wedding, with every single attendant watching you. And worst still if you’re not exactly gifted as a writer. But there are ways and way. Don’t stress yourself or worry: just read our short guide, which in few points will explain and help you to write the best speech ever!

1.    The first stage is about finding the ideas

Choosing the right words and feelings you want to express. It has to be all planned carefully, for it is your only lifetime chance! At this stage you may want to visit some websites which have speeches ready or some funny or romantic quotations to insert into them. Funny moments from lives of the couples, some anecdotes about them, as well as some true facts will have to be added to the speech.

2. Write a draft

Since you’ve got the vague idea about what you’re going to write, you have to make an initial draft. To write the first copy may be quite a task, but don’t surrender or go upset. Just write! If you feel like, ask someone who you know to be very objective to listen to you reading the draft you’ve written. To see and hear the reaction of listeners is very important for your speech: so you can understand which are the parts which make the auditors to laugh, when they get bored or surprised by your words.

3. Rewrite and Finalize

Next thing to do is to revise, rewrite and finalize. Once you’ve got the feedback from your listener, you have to re-write the speech. The parts with funny quotations are usually the hardest to go through, but eventually you will make it! Avoid being too personal, especially if you happen to know one group of the guests better that the other, for this reason try to not use remarks which can be a joke in your circle of friends or any personal memories.

4. The hardest part: Memorize it!

Now, when the speech is ready, you’ll have to memorize it. For many people it is difficult to remember what they have written word after word, and sometimes it takes even more time than just writing of the wedding speech. However, you will have to try and memorize using tricks such as associating the words with things you do remember well. Still, if this shouldn’t help, there’s only one thing to do: keep a copy of the speech handy, just in case!

5. Just Say it!

The last thing is your performance itself: stressful and difficult moment. True enough: the eyes of everyone will be on you, but it is words that really matter, so speak from your heart! Remember, that your wedding speech will be remembered for long time, so it is worth to do as well as you only can!

Here there are 3 cute videos where take inspiration and start to write!

Amanda + Jacob | Feature from Paperback Films on Vimeo.

Tammara + Lindsay Cinematic Wedding Trailer | Country VS City from Paper Cranes Productions on Vimeo.

Caroline + Romain : It's about time ! from BigBen Production on Vimeo.



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