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wedding-sweet-cookiesChocolate chips, butterscotch, peanuts... there are so many of them! Wedding cookies for some time now became a wedding “must have” and latest fashion.

Everyone knows them and everyone loves them. Cookies: sweet memory of your childhood and a delicious treat for yourself when feeling blue. If you are a huge fun of those crunchy and golden delicacies, there is no reason to not have them at your wedding. More, according to the latest fashion, cookies are something you have to have! Discover 5 facts which will convince you why it is worth to have them at your wedding reception.

Perfect wedding favor


Cookies can be wonderful wedding favour to give to your guests. Inexpensive, especially if made by the ladies of the house will make a perfect breakfast to those who you invited to your reception. If you are a DIY bride, the great idea is to prepare some homemade cookies in tastes you like best, using traditional old family recipes. Than just place some in personalized brown paper bags (for home made touch), add a card and ready! For this option you can mix different flavours: give your guest opportunity to taste all your sweet creations. For more classy wedding perfect idea will be iced sugar cookies. You don’t really have to bakes them yourself, since they are quite time-consuming, and there are so many wonderful bakeries which  can do all the work for you. All you’ll have to do is to chose the shape and icing: the very common are hearts or groom and bride shaped cookies. With colourful icing, packed in cellophane and tied with lovely ribbon those will be not only tasty, but as well very attractive wedding favor.

The sweetest buffet


No dessert after the wedding meal? But still you fell you should give your guests something toothsome... Well, here they are, cookies again! The cookie buffet to be opened after the main meal is served and over may be great idea, after all no one can ever resist golden, round and delicious cookie! You can organize this yourself or have your caterer to take care for. Have as many cookies as possible, in different flavours and kinds. Apart from traditional shortbreads serve something more: mini pies and tarts, the milk in tall glasses or cocoa for children and some tea or coffee for adult part of your guests. If you want to add an Italian touch to your wedding you can serve the cantuccini to be served with Vin Santo.

Eat your place card


One of the latest trends is to have edible place cards, and of course what it better for this purpose if not cookies? You can use any shape you want, as long as they have enough space to write on the name of your guest. Of course those can be personalized any way you like, you can use your wedding colours or make your own design. And depending on your wedding theme they can be differently shaped:  hearts for romantic wedding,  flowers for garden or  simple squares for classic wedding look. Which one will be best to create your edible place cards? Well of course good and traditional sugar cookies.

The most popular

The greatest thing about biscuits is that they come in so many different types and flavours that your guest may have a rough time deciding on what to taste and you on deciding which ones to serve. However, to make thing easier here are some of most popular among cookies served at weddings:


Classic Cookies

Butter cookies, chocolate chips, peanut butter, oatmeal, shortbread.

Bar Cookies

Brownies, lemon bar, berry crumb, granola, chocolate, almond.

Fancy Cookies

Meringues, macaroons, rum balls, Mexican wedding cookies, Italian biscotti, Russian tea cakes.



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