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Comfy clothes, nice ambient and lot of relax. The wedding doesn’t really have to be stiff and costly event with ball dresses and fancy food. Find out how to organize casual wedding in Italy.



Let’s face the true: a wedding day is stressful for everyone: the bride, groom and even their guests. Is it worth to loss this important day by worrying about every single detail or your dress? No, it isn’t. If you want to fully enjoy your wedding day, the perfect idea for you is to go casual. Believe, this kind of wedding party will be more enjoyable for your guests and yourself.

Casual means comfy


First here will come the look, not only of the bride and groom’s but as well of their guests. Actually the casual wedding is all about being comfy and at ease, so there won’t be place here for fancy dresses, crinolines and tuxedos. Forget the high last fashion heel either. The bride to achieve simple, but elegant casual look won’t have many problems: white or cream colored dress  of any kind will do. You having a sea side wedding? Sundress seems perfect, or for a garden a streamline sheath is the choice. Don’t torture your groom with many layers of shirts, undershirts, waistcoats and jackets, which frankly may not even be welcomed. Nice idea are tan colored trouser with navy colored blazer or maybe un - tucked white dress shirt? Let your guests stay comfy as well: there is no need for them to wear stiff collars or tight corsets. Nice dresses or light trousers for the ladies, simple shirts for the gentleman. This kind of attire is perfect for receptions including children: they can play and have fun wearing they normal clothes, instead of getting their parent worried about shorn  pair of pants or stained dress.

Food as simple as possible


Instead of looking through pages and pages of different menus the caterers offer to you think about your own choice of dishes. Think a home table loaded with delicious, homemade like dishes: mashed potatoes and gravy with roasted turkey, chicken salads, shepherd’s pie, roasted potatoes, lamb, pork in wine… well, as many possibilities as you only wish! If you prefer more vegetable based servings think about salty pies and tarts, such as variety of quiches, pates and toasts with different toppings. As for the drinks: beer, possibly homemade, lemonade, soda water to be mixed with variety of fruit syrups. For adults you can have some nice drinks served, but try to use classic recipes. However, anything that can be picked up with your finger and eaten while walking and chatting will be the thing!

Of course no wedding can miss the desert: can you see that long table, buckling under the weight of delicious pies, cakes and biscuits? Arrange them in a nice way using plates and platters. Some candies and lollipops will only add the touch of color.  A pretty sight to all gourmets’ eyes.

The venue

Now you wonder where to organize such a wedding? The thing is that it should have ease and holiday like feeling. Anywhere will be perfect. A garden, a seaside restaurant or even a barn or your backyard. Most original brides will wont to organize pick nick style reception in romantic and picturesque fields, some in the woods by the brook.  But for all destination brides, we chose four wonderful wedding locations in Italy, where with your friends and family you can enjoy the special day. Here they are:


Villa Eliana - Sorrento Coast

Villa ElianaA breathtaking sea view and elegant Mediterranean styling make Villa Eliana an excellent choice for a minimal chic wedding celebration.
Offering the utmost flexibility and personalization to all couples, as well as catering provided by the Michelin starred Quattro Passi restaurant, the Villa prides itself on top quality service and professionalism. You can choose to celebrate on the panoramic terrace or in internal hall.
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Villa Domus Laeta - Cilento Coast

Domus Laeta

The charm and beauty of nature immersed in the greens of National Park of Cilento.
This ancient dwelling of the Aulisio family is filled with charm and romantic atmosphere. Old historical buildings offering hospitality in comfortable rooms, delicious cuisine of local dishes and of course the vicinity of sea and mountains. All you need for unforgettable wedding!
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Hotel Ambasciatori - Sorrento Coast

Hotel Ambasciatori SorrentoFor a Mediterranean love story and a taste of true Italian hospitality, there is nowhere like this beautiful Sorrento Coast hotel.
The delicious local and international cuisine served at this stunning four star hotel just a stone’s throw from Piazza Tasso at the centre of Sorrento can be enjoyed in the restaurant, on the sea-view terraces or by the swimming pool, this elegant hotel has it all.
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Hotel Mezzatorre Ischia

Mezzatorre Ischia

Surrounded by blues of Tyrrhenian sea, located on a jewel island of Ischia this venue is all you can dream about for your wedding in Italy.
Overlooking the sea between Lacco Ameno and Forio, Mezzatorre Resort is the most exclusive  hotel situated on Ischia. The building is an original ancient tower, which guarded the island. Delicious pinewoods make it one of most picturesque and romantic wedding locations.
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