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The natural beauty, geographical difference, rich history and of course super developed art and culture made and still make Italy one of most visited countries. But apart from being a perfect place for holidays, Italy is one of most requested wedding destinations in Europe. And here we shall give you reasons why.



First of all Italy is much differenced from geographical point of view: from snow covered mountains of North, to frangipani scented island of South clime and panoramas keep changing, painting this picture of extreme loveliness and beauty. Whether you are after a beach wedding, romantic wedding or city wedding, here you shall find what you seek. The mighty Alps, plains of Padano, and rocky cliffs of South: each so different but so similar at the core. The fact is that Italian culture is set around family and festivities connected to it. Of course the most elaborate and important of all is the wedding, which here was always cherished and celebrated in great way. Why not to get married than in a country where wedding is most important event in family’s life?


Five star luxury hotels, mighty castles residing over small villages, elegant villas surrounded by parks and calm, still manor houses hidden among green fields: Italy has developed amazingly huge web of hospitality structures. In each region you shall find venues suited for you and your budget, no matter if you want a fairly tale wedding or just a simple ceremony in a garden. Although being so different one from another, all those venues share one thing: the famous Italian hospitality and love for beauty. No matter whether you decide to get married in modern spa hotel or in a medieval castle,  you can be sure of being surrounded by beauty and good taste, as well as being granted best services delivered by friendly and dedicated staff.

Romance and love

For many known as most romantic country in the world, Italy surely has something what makes love bloom. From Shakespeare to modern times, most famous love stories of times where always set in Italy. No one knows which factor contributes to this: the poetry that hangs around old buildings, the beauty captured in natural and human made forms, or is it this volatile feeling of  tragic romance left behind by long gone princesses and their brave knights?  Add the natural beauty of Italian landscape, stir in some of famous joy de vivre that only Italians posses, and there you go! A short recipe for a perfect love and romance wedding abroad!

Food and wine


A saying goes that Italian love their food, but one must admit that whole the world loves Italian food. If you decide on a wedding in Italy, you may find yourself facing a huge and vast menu and not knowing what to chose. Fish and variety of seafood, pastas made of golden grains, vegetables grown in biological gardens , cured meats and delicious dairy products. No place however will offer you same plate twice, for Italian cuisine changes from region to region, sometimes even from place to place. Apart from well known classics, such as Bolognese, pizza, Florentine steak and black truffles each venue will vice you with their own delicacies prepared exclusively there in accordance to old recipes. One must not forget the wine while glorifying Italian culinary skills. From northern vales of Piemonte to volcano ash covered lands of Sicily each region will offer you beverages suited for gods, delicious wines and spumanti with which to rise the toast for your future life as wife and husband.

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