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bridal-accesorriesBright and bold: those are going to be the bridal tides and trends for 2012. With us discover how to select and match most becoming bridal accessories for this season!

For  those who are soon to be bride, one of most important part of entire wedding organization is choosing the right wedding dress to make the bridal look really special and breathtaking. But bridal look is not only the dress and veil as many may think. There are so many things, even those little ones are very important. And so as you may spend hours if not days choosing your perfect wedding gown, shopping for perfect accessories may be even more difficult and time consuming. Especially that trends keep changing from season to season, it is really good for you to keep updated. The fascinator or veil?.


Classic white or lively colored shoes? Find out the best and most fashionable accessories for trendy bride!

Above all this year at least as far as wedding world’s concerned will be bright and colorful. Bold colors: oranges, reds, fuchsias will be reigning on banqueting halls and in florist’s compositions as well as in bridal look. Of course, there is no obligation for you to stick to those extremely modern trends, especially if you are after a white or ivory classic wedding. But still, there are ways to incorporate few modern and fashionable things into your special day and look. For instance, you can decide on very fashionable accessories.

Speaking about accessories: also those evolved into more modern, bright colored, peacock like fashion. Actually, the brighter they are, the better. This season weddings, unlike in past with one hue, are going to be inspired by sets of colors and patterns, a good things though, for it gives you rather large palette of colors to complete your bridal look. Very important thing will be jewelry. Multicolored stones and crystals are going to be in the spotlights. Important thing: remember that one and only one piece should be the eye catching factor, otherwise you may risk looking like a Christmas tree, all shiny and sparkle. For example, if you’re adorning your pretty self a big chunky bracelet of colored crystals opt for light and simple if not modes earrings. And the contrary, if your bracelet or necklace is to be a simple chain or string of pearls, you can wear quite showy, chandelier earrings.  Make sure your jewelry goes right with other accessories you’ve decided  on, and remember: it is better to wear too less, than too much.

Shoes and Bag


Aside from rainbow of stones and beads, another important thing to decide on your look are shoes and bag. Of course every bride need a little “something” where to put odd handkerchief  or a lip balm… Well, wedding bag may seem trivial but necessary thing, and it really does matter to match it with the rest of wedding attire. Here we can’t forget about the right shoe wear, which more than being fashionable, need to be comfy, for your going to wear it for good part of the day. However, both bag and shoes in this season are to be bright and bold. Standout shoes decorated with crystals, or brightly colored ones decorated with flowers or even butterflies set with lovely matching bag will make you the trendiest bride ever!


Last but not least: the veil

Many brides actually cannot decide whether to wear one or discard. As it happens, more and more brides say NO to veils and instead decide on fascinators, which are really becoming. Custom made, they are the personal add every bride can bring to her wedding look. With use of different materials, beads, crystals, lace and feathers most astonishing little headpieces can be created: easier to wear than veils, and no less effective!

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