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dreaming brideLet’s face it, one of the first things you probably imagined when you first thought of getting married was the dress. It has to be just perfect, just right, just for you. And if you are getting married in Italy, the style capital of Europe (if not the world) then getting it just right is going to seem even more important.
So how do you make that all important decision?
Here are some tips from

Step 1. Do your research

wedding-dress-catwalkBefore you even think about buying, have a look around. Look through  bridal wear magazines, consult the internet and tour bridal wear shops. Enlist your friends, your mother and perhaps even your mother-in-law to be for advice if need be.
The advantage of doing this is that you will have a better idea of what style of dress you are looking for and what look you want. Plus, knowing some of the jargon will help when dealing with bridal parlours and fittings!

Step 2. Decide on a style

Ball gowns are the traditional fairy-tale wedding dress type. They have very full skirts and look stunning on most body types. Be careful if you are on the petite side however as this style can drown you. Ball gowns generally have crinolines or some kind of underskirt to support their shape, so they can be heavy and hot if you plan on a summer wedding.
  • A-Line or Princess cut dresses are similar to ball gowns but with narrower skirts, making them more suitable for hot weather. They  usually have a fitted bodice with a skirt that flares out from the waist. These dresses are flattering for most body types but are particularly suitable for pear shaped brides.
  • Sheaths are fitted, simple and very elegant. These are great for body confident women and for tall, slender brides. They don’t offer much support for larger chests however, as they are usually strapless and made of unstructured, soft materials.
  • Empire waist gowns have a high waistline, falling from just below the breasts. These are very flattering for women with small busts as they add the illusion of extra curves, but are just as suitable for curvy girls as they skim curves and make you appear slimmer. This is also the most comfortable style for those who are expecting!
  • Mermaid tail dresses are similar to sheaths but with a flared skirt that kicks out from around the  knee or mid thigh area. They are perfect for those who want to build the illusion of curves and suitable for all kinds of wedding.
  • Cocktail dresses are not the obvious choice for a wedding, but as beach weddings are becoming more and more popular, shorter styles are beginning to appear. These are best for more informal weddings, beach weddings where a longer dress may be cumbersome, and for those who have great legs!

  • Step 3. Consider the setting

    The setting you choose for your wedding can make a huge difference to the choice of dress you make.

    • How formal is your wedding? More formal weddings tend to call for longer, more traditional styles, in white or ivory. In a church setting, it may also be more appropriate to wear a style that covers the back and shoulders. Informal ceremonies however have less rigid style rules, and you can experiment with both style and colour.
    • What is the weather going to be like? Just as you would not want to wear a brocade ball gown in August in the South of Italy, you would be rather chilly in a silk sheath in Milan in February.
    • Are you planning on moving around? If on your big day you envisage yourself dancing up a storm, or having photos of you and your loved one taken as you run off into the sunset, be sure to choose a style you can move around in easily.

    Step 4. Decide on a budget

    wedding-dress-saloonAnd don’t let anyone talk you out of it! Most wedding experts suggest spending about 10% of the budget on the bride’s clothing.

    If you do fall in love with that dress however... buy it if you can afford it, or take your seamstress to the shop to see if she can recreate it for you.

    Step 5. Imagine...

    imagine-your-dream-weddingThis is the final, and perhaps the most important step. Visualise your wedding. Visualise yourself... What are you wearing? Is it simple and elegant, or extravagant and sumptuous? What style is it? What fabric? What colour? This is the dress you are looking for. Keep an open mind, as you may find something completely different and fall in love with it. But most likely, this is what you will be happiest with.

    If you are interested in buying your gown in Italy then we have a list of bridal parlours for you to consult across the country. Contact our staff to find out more.

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