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eco-friendly weddingAs more and more of us are becoming concerned about our impact on the environment, we are looking at ways we can do out bit to save the planet.
One of these ways is to make your wedding as green as possible... but how do you go about it?
Don’t despair! We at Dream Wedding have some ideas on how you can offset that carbon footprint.

Green Food

Staying green with your catering is relatively easy in Italy, due to the vast array of fresh, locally produced food you find in all regions of the country. This saves on emissions from transport and means that the ingredients are fresher and tastier. If you want to go really green then you can find an organic producer to provide your ingredients, and request sulphite free wine too.

A Green Dress

Of course, we aren’t actually suggesting that you should wear a lime coloured dress to your wedding - unless you want to that is! You can go green with your wedding dress in a number of ways however. Firstly, you could scout out some green clothing manufacturers who source recycled and environmentally friendly fabrics to make everything from jeans to stunning wedding gowns. Or if that doesn’t sound like your thing, why not look in some vintage shops for a stunning second hand gown to have adjusted? This way, you save cash to spend on something else - your honeymoon, for example!

Green Flowers

Using organically grown, in season local flowers can have a big impact. You cut down on transport and emissions, as well as on pesticide use as flowers imported from developing countries in particular are usually subjected to heavy chemical use.
For suggestions on what flowers are in season for your wedding in Italy, click here.

Green Favours

With eco-friendly favours you can really get creative! You might fancy making your own favours if you have a small wedding, or if you have more guests, how about one of these environmentally friendly ideas:

  • Packets of seeds. Why not give your guests packets of seeds for flowers or herbs to grow in their gardens or window boxes?
  • A tree! Yes, you can use trees as favours! Sponsor a tree for each guest in a sustainable forestry project. You can do this for any charity you feel strongly about.
  • Organic food. Treats such as organic fair trade chocolates, teas, coffees and jams or preserves are bound to be appreciated.

These are just a few possible ideas, but there are plenty more green gifts out there.

Green Wedding Rings

The production of gold and diamonds is not the cleanest business in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an eco-friendly wedding ring. there are companies producing beautiful alternatives using other precious metals and jewels as well as certified environmentally friendly gold and platinum and conflict free diamonds. Another alternative is more sentimental: why not use a family heirloom? Your Great Grandmothers’ wedding ring is likely to be beautiful as well as of sentimental value.

Green Stationary

Wedding stationary uses a lot of paper. From invitations to place cards, save the date notes to menus, ceremony programmes to  thank you notes and more, you can go green by using recycled or even tree-free  paper, and even by communicating via email.

A Green Wedding Location

A green themed wedding would be beautiful in an outdoor venue such as on a beach or in a vineyard, but other environmentally friendly venues also exist. If you want a hotel wedding, check out the venue’s environmental policy, if you want a restaurant wedding go for a restaurant which sources its ingredients locally. A villa or castle can be as eco-friendly as you make it, and an agriturismo or farmhouse is also perfect - especially if you go for one that practices organic farming.

A Green Gift List

There are many environmentally friendly gifts you can register for, from sustainable home furniture to a subscription to an organic produce service. You might also want to consider asking guests to donate to a preferred charity or for contributions to an environmentally friendly honeymoon.

A Green Honeymoon

One of the easiest ways of staying green is by not moving too far afield for your honeymoon, thus saving on transport emissions. There are many beautiful, romantic places to holiday all over Italy including agriturismi and environmentally friendly hotels. If you want an active holiday, try outdoor sports activities. If you want to be pampered, how about natural beauty treatments in a spa on Ischia or Capri? Or a beach holiday admiring the unspoiled Cilento coast? The choice is yours. Click here for more Italian honeymoon ideas.

As you can see, wherever you are in Italy you can choose a big fat green wedding! For other Italian wedding ideas, browse our site or click here for wedding styles.

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