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music choice for your wedding receptionHere comes the bride... but what wedding music should you choose?
Music is an important part of any big event.
It sets the scene, decides on the atmosphere and mood, and will be remembered forever as the soundtrack to your big day, so the choice is important.
There are certain key points at which music becomes important at your wedding.

During the ceremony, as the bride walks down the aisle, for the first dance of the Bride and Groom as a newlywed couple, and during the reception, when the you and your guests will want to relax and enjoy yourselves.

The Ceremony

The music you choose  here is the music that will welcome you into married life, so it is important that this song reflects who you are as a couple. Are you...
Traditional? Then a classic rendition of Wagner’s “Here comes the bride” or Mozart’s “Wedding March” might be just right for you.
A contemporary pairing? Then classical music might not cut it and you might want to go for a more modern song, perhaps something romantic and meaningful that was in the charts when you first met.
Both quite quirky and like to mix things up? Something like a jazz quartet, salsa, or a remixed version of a classic might be just right.  
Very into one genre of music? Then go for it! whether it’s rock, country or dance, this is your wedding ceremony and your walk down the aisle, so you should have whatever you feel is closest to your heart in this life-changing moment.

The First Dance

the first dancePerhaps the most romantic moment in the wedding, when the nerves have dissipated and you are now happily married, the first dance of the newlywed couple will be something you and your guests will remember for years to come.
The same rules apply as for your wedding ceremony here, i.e. there are none!  Just pick something you like and that makes you feel close and happy. However, you may want to bear in mind that you are going to have to dance to this song, so you will want to make it something you can move to. If one or both of you have two left feet, don’t worry; just pick something slow and romantic and relax. If you fancy yourselves pretty decent dancers on the other hand, then you can pick something to show off your fancy footwork , and even get the first dance choreographed.

The Reception

The reception music, after the ceremony, after the first dance, after the dinner, is all about enjoying yourselves. Music is one of the best ways of fostering the kind of atmosphere that you want for your party.
If you want to encourage people to relax and mingle, then something relaxing such as light classical or soft jazz provides the perfect backdrop. If you want your guests to jump up and dance, and relive their childhood years then a mix of pop and cheesy songs from across the decades should do the trick. If you are running on a theme, then the music could be incorporated, perhaps even adding some other performers into the mix. For an Italian themed wedding, you might have an Italian folk music group with a Neapolitan theatre troupe. For a Scottish wedding, bagpipes and highland dancing. For a Latin theme, a band playing Salsa and Tango, and perhaps even a Latin dancing instructor. Some musically talented brides even choose to pick up an instrument themselves for a song or two at their receptions, and why not? The music can make your reception into anything you want it to be, it is entirely up to you to choose!

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