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choosing the perfect bridesmaid dressYou and your best friends have shared the ups and the downs of life, giggled over silly stories and comforted each other over disasters, so it’s only natural that you will want them to be a part of your special day.

You will want them to be your bridesmaids, and you will want them to look good - without outshining you of course!

Now bridesmaids dresses have had a bad rap in recent years, and it’s no surprise with some of the puffed-sleeved, stiff fabric creations of the past. Nowadays however, bridesmaid’s dresses have been modernised and often look absolutely great – in fact, many bridesmaids keep their dresses to wear again after the event! So how do you go about making sure the girls glow on the day? We have some tips to follow...

1 - Consider their style

Your best friends might have completely different taste to you, and you should consider that when picking the dress. If you have a huge difference of opinion style wise, put your foot down (this is your wedding after all!) but you must be prepared to compromise or your friends won’t be comfortable and are less likely to enjoy themselves. If they can’t agree between themselves, you might consider letting them have different style dresses in the same colour and fabric – especially if their body types are very different to each other. What looks good on someone who is tall and curvaceous will drown somebody who is small and petite, for example. If you are having a less formal wedding, you could even choose gowns completely different to each other in every way, including colour!

2 - Consider their budget

Unless you plan on picking up the tab, consult them first to find out what they can genuinely afford to spend. You may want to consult them each separately so that if one of them is strapped for cash and can afford less than the others she will feel less embarrassed and more likely to be honest about it than she would with an audience.

3 - Let them pick

Take them with you and let them see what dresses you are looking at, and let them discuss what their preferences are. If you trust them entirely, you could leave it entirely up to them, but you should  certainly  make sure you give them some guidelines as to colour and general style.

4 - Have it made

If you and your maids love a designer dress which is just  a bit (or a lot) too expensive, consider taking pictures of it to a dressmaker so they can stitch it together for you.

5 - Keep it simple

The best advice that we can give to prevent clashes with your best friends over the dresses you want them to wear is to keep it simple. Classic, timeless elegance looks good on most people, so you are less likely to get complaints or worse,  to spark secret rage at your choice.

Remember, you want them to look great and not resent you after the fact... and most of all, you have to remember that you may well have to return the favour, and you don’t want them to have any cause for revenge!

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