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Choosing the right wedding ringsPerhaps the most enduring items from your wedding day will not be the dress, the flowers or even the photos that we all put so much care and thought into, but the rings.
Your engagement and wedding rings will accompany you throughout your married life, so you should ideally choose something that will match your personalities and fit in with your lifestyles...

The engagement ring

Men, we know how nerve wracking proposing to her is, and one of the questions racing around your mind at this time is likely to be... what ring? There are a few options to make sure you get it right. One of them is to propose without a ring, or with a cheap, temporary ring before taking her out shopping for the real deal. If your romantic soul rebels at this thought however, you do have a few options. You could take her best friend, sister or mother shopping for the ring, if you can trust them to keep a secret that is, and they will help you to choose. Alternatively, you can study her jewellery type for yourself, and try to notice what style she lingers over in the jewellers window. You could even sneak a favourite ring from her jewellery box and take it with you - this will also make sure you get her ring size right, just be careful you don’t get caught! And if the worst should happen, and she doesn’t like it? Make sure she is honest with you about it, as you can always exchange it. After all, it isn’t the ring you propose with that matters, but the person you are proposing to

The wedding rings

This should technically be easier as you can shop together, but this isn’t always the case. The bride may have fixed ideas in her mind about what she wants both rings to look like, while the groom may have concerns about rings looking too feminine. No fear! First of all, you will want to consider your lifestyles. A delicate band with gems is not the best choice for those with a very active lifestyle or those who have a manual job, as they are likely to get damaged. You also have to think about style - a fashionable ring may look great now, but what about in five, ten or twenty years time? Classic styles never go out of fashion, so are best for a symbol of everlasting love such as your wedding ring. Finally, her engagement ring. At least if she wants to wear it on the same finger. Not just because of the look of contrasting metals, but because if one ring is made of harder metal than the other, the softer ring is likely to get damaged. As a rule of thumb, platinum is the hardest metal, and gold gets softer the purer it is - so a 24 carat ring will be much softer than a 14 carat ring. If you still can’t agree, then you don’t have to get matching rings, one can be quite different to the other as it makes not a bit of difference to the commitment you are making to each other on the day.


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