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carnevale themed weddingsCarnevale, the sumptuous, over-the-top festival which takes place on the Tuesday before Lent each year...
It brings to mind street performances, 18th century costumes, intricate masks and bright colours - a great theme for a wedding in Italy!


The colours

Royal purple, forest green and gold

carnival color palette


Carnevale itself falls in February, but this does not mean you have to hold your themed wedding in this month. If you plan on wearing the opulent dresses however, you may want to consider doing it in winter, rather than under the summer sun!


An impressive ballroom makes the perfect venue for a masked ball, and you can do it up with drapes in purple and green, as well as candles in golden holders to create an impressive atmosphere perfect for a feast and an elegant masked ball.

The Dress

This is one wedding theme where you can really go crazy with your dress! If you want to go with white, remember to keep the skirt full and to have a slim bodice. Accents and accessories in one of the theme colours, such as a forest green sash and shoes will keep it right on theme. If you want to go all out, then you can buy, make or hire an 18th century gown which can be in any colour... and get your bridesmaids to do the same!

The Flowers

For your bouquet you could choose to have extravagant coloured flowers decorated with coloured ribbons and gems , or you could go for an elaborate mask on a stick. Buttonholes for attendants could also be replaced with miniature Venetian masks.
For the centrepieces, again make sure you use plenty of rich colours and sparkle, considering the colour scheme you might consider combining more traditional flowers with tall vases filled with peacock feathers. You might also want to incorporate candles and torches for atmospheric lighting, and use suspended Venetian masks on the walls and above the tables.

The Favours

As favours and place markers the best thing to offer your guests is probably a Venetian Carnevale mask, giving them a unique favour to take home as well as a mask to wear for the masked ball part of the evening.

The Flavours

A feast for your guests is on the cards! A mix of Antipasto and canapés with prosecco is an absolute must. To follow, traditional dishes from Carnevale, including Ravioli with Buffalo ricotta and that that old favourite Lasagne  as the obligatory pasta dishes. Follow this with a hearty dish of Pork Meatballs in San Marzano tomato sauce, all washed down with a good, hearty red wine from whatever region you are in.
For desert, serve a selection of sweets and pastries -  the Italians have a huge selection - making sure to include “bombolone di marmellata”, which are basically jammy doughnuts, but are delicious and, after all, traditional in Italy at this time of year!  
With the coffee and liqueurs, have Chiacchiere,  a Southern Italian sweet associated with all kinds of festivities and comprised of wafer thin biscuits fried and sprinkled with icing sugar.

The Bar

If your guests still have room for anything to drink after all that food, then be sure to keep the bar stocked up with champagne cocktails to finish off that opulent feel... made with prosecco of course! Decorate the bar with draped fabric and false gemstones, and serve the wine in goblets to bring your guests back to the golden age of the Venice masked balls, and you can be sure that they will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

With this theme, your wedding and the photos you remember it by will be absolutely unique and unforgettable. So if you are getting married in Italy, why not use the culture, traditions, cuisine and landscapes of this beautiful country to inspire your reception?


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