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limoncello favorsIf there is one thing that screams Southern Italy it is the fragrance, taste and colour of this deliciously tangy liqueur.  Made from the famous lemons of the Sorrento Coast, it makes a perfect digestif to serve with coffee after the wedding meal, to help all that delicious Italian food to go down.

Limoncello is made by infusing the most unappetising and unexpected part of the lemon - its wrinkled, pitted skin - with alcohol and sugar. The skin is the part of the lemon where most of the essential oils, and the fragrance and very soul of the fruit, are concentrated in this part of the fruit. It is thanks to this process that limoncello has all the taste and perfume of the lemon without any of its acidity.

The production of limoncello spans the whole of Campania, from the Sorrento Coast to Island of Capri, and is drunk after most meals in this part of the country. Many people make their own limoncello at home, as well as variations such as crema di limone, a creamier version made also with milk, and mandarinetto, made with mandarins instead of lemons.

Many companies on the Sorrento Coast and in the rest of Southern Italy also make miniature bottles of limoncello as delicious wedding favours to remember your Italian nuptials by. Add personalised labels and they also double as gorgeous and original place markers.

So why not infuse your wedding with the flavour of the Sorrento sunshine with an addition of limoncello?
Find out about villas and hotels in Sorrento where you can taste this delicious liqueur for yourself.

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