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tajan's forumRome is one of the cities that has most influenced the development of the Western world, from art and culture to science and religion. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the area has flourished as a centre for many thousands of years, but its golden age was no doubt that of the Roman empire.

Rome dominated Europe for many years, taking its culture with it wherever it went, but the centre of Roman life remained Rome, and on a wider scale, Italy.

A wedding during Roman times, at least among the upper classes was a lavish affair, with plenty of food, wine, music and beautiful clothing. If you are getting married in Italy, then what better place to recreate a taste of ancient times?  We have a few ideas on how this might be done...

Food and Drink

This is perhaps the most important part of any Italian wedding, and the ancient Romans were no different!  Roasted meats and fish, rivers of wine, olives, cheeses and fresh bread are all on the cards. If you want to go all out, you can even have a hog roast or spit-roast chickens to set the scene! The Romans had a very sweet tooth, and at a Roman wedding there would have been plenty of dried fruit, and honey-roast nuts. In fact, this Roman tradition is how the custom of using Jordan almonds, or confetti, as favours arose.
For the cake, you could either have a traditional cake decorated with said dried fruit or nuts, or you could have a Honey cake, which was what the Romans ate before the arrival of sugar cane to the West.
As for the wine, although the Romans drank a kind of sweet, strong wine, the varieties made in Italy today are far superior. To stay in keeping with the theme you could choose wine from the Lazio region around Rome: Frascati for the white, Falesco for the Red.

Wedding Attire

Of course, the way to go all out is to have everyone wearing a toga, but not all of the guests might want to do this! To get Roman style without risking arguments, stick to a Roman colour scheme of white, gold, red and purple and simple cuts and fabrics. The most important item of clothing for a Roman wedding is the bride’s veil, which should not be white like the dress but flame red, and if you want, you could even use laurel leaves instead of a tiara.


The bride in Roman times traditionally did not carry flowers but a bouquet of fragrant herbs believed to ward off evil spirits. An alternative would be to use roses, popular and abundant in Roman times. For table centrepieces, flowers were generally not used. Decorations were comprised of bowls of fruit, scattered rose petals and vases filled with wheat to symbolise fertility. You could either use the above traditions, or combine them with more modern customs, by using a mixture of flowers and golden wheat, or incorporating fruits into the centrepieces alongside the flowers.


Aside from the option of using Roman style confetti (made with honey instead of sugar), there are also other possibilities to consider for a Roman wedding theme. Walnuts and hazelnuts were popular in favours, and in fact these were probably the first kind of favour to be given. Another idea could be to give out personalised napkins to the guests, explaining to them the old Roman tradition of wedding guests filling their napkins with leftovers to take home. If there are children coming to your wedding, you could have some sweets or candies for them to collect in their napkins, keeping the smaller guests happy with your gift too.


This is the most important decision you have to make regarding your wedding, and with this theme you actually have quite a lot of flexibility. You can have an outdoor wedding in a garden with couches and cushions for a luxurious Roman feel, or inside a hall decorated with rich colours or with columns wreathed in vines or laurel leaves. Whatever kind of location you desire, contact them and they will surely do their all to make your dreams a reality, whether this means a Roman theme or anything else you want for the big day.

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