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bridal fairsYou are getting married in Italy, so there’s no point in going to bridal fairs at home, right? Wrong! Bridal fairs are a fantastic source of inspiration and expertise if you know how to use them. You might not be buying, but you can still take advantage of all of the ideas, expertise and style to be found all under one roof.

Here are our tips for making the most out of a wedding fair, even if you aren’t buying:

1 - Get organized!

If you can pre-book your tickets, shows often give discounts and it will save time at the door as well as a bit of cash. Check the times of any special exhibitions, in particular the fashion shows, as you won’t want to miss out on those and if you want to get a seat, you will have to get there quick!

2 - Take someone with you.

We suggest going as a couple of course, but if you can’t then take your Mum or one of your bridesmaids with you. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, and they might well notice something gorgeous that you would have missed alone.

3 - Take a camera.

This way if you see something you like, a favour that catches your eye, a colour theme that you fall in love with or a floral arrangement that would be perfect for you, then you can take a snap of it and have it recreated in Italy.

4 - Take a notebook and pen or pencil.

This means that you can write down ideas or anything else that comes to mind, including the names of dress designers, dates to remember or interesting addresses, websites and telephone numbers. If you are feeling artistic, you can even sketch ideas that come to mind, inspired by what you see at the fair.

5 - Dress comfortably and wear flat shoes!

You are likely to walk quite a bit and be on your feet for a while at a large wedding fair, so you will want to be certain that you are as fresh and comfortable at the end of the fair as you were at the start. You won’t be in the mood for inspiration if your feet hurt and you are too hot or cold.

Remember that wedding fairs are not just places to meet vendors, but also ideal for scouting out ideas and advice to make your wedding day in Italy extra special and uniquely you.

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