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Trash the Dress!After your wedding is done with, your carefully chosen, beautiful dress will be sold to someone else or carefully preserved, hung out of the way and never worn again... or will it? The Trash the Dress! movement acts as an outlet for you to give your wedding dress its swan song in style, and get some incredible photos along the way - if you don’t mind ruining it that is!

Also known as Cherish the Dress or Rock the Frock this wedding shoot after the event gives you the chance to have some of the wedding photos you wanted but didn’t dare go for in case your outfits got dirty or damaged. Here are some ideas for some fantastic Trash the Dress images to add to your wedding album:

  1. Go to the beach and run off into the sunset... directly into the sea! You can get some beautifully romantic and sexy images in a sopping wet frock with your new husband amidst the crashing surf.
  2. Visit the local pool and have some photographs taken while you swim underwater for a dreamlike and original effect.
  3. Go to the fairground and have a go on all of the rides, from the Ferris wheel to the dodgems and the coconut shire.
  4. Visit the local park and play in the sandpit before having a good splash around in the fountains.
  5. Go to the zoo and feed the animals, ride horses and get into contact with nature.
  6. Visit a local vineyard to pick fruit and crush the grapes.

Basically, anything that fits your personalities that you would never usually dream of doing in your most expensive clothing! If you don’t want to completely ruin the dress you can still get some great shots in the countryside, at the beach or in the city centre. Italy is full of some of the most beautiful landscapes, making it the perfect backdrop for a unique trash the dress photoshoot after a unique and beautiful Italian wedding - go on, be brave you’ll never wear it again anyway!

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