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wedding bouquet trends for 2010Flowers are timelessly beautiful, always appreciated and never really go out of style. With more and more emphasis on the personalisation of all aspects of your wedding day however, florists have started to get creative with bouquets, adding different shapes and sizes to their repertoire. Here you will find three of the hottest trends in Italy for 2010 and ideas on how to best wear them.

bag-bouquet - wedding trends 2010The Bag

This is probably the only party you will ever go to without a handbag, and if you feel a little lost without one than this quirky yet beautiful bouquet style might just be for you.
These bouquets can come in as wide a variety of forms as handbags themselves can, from cute clutches like this one to dainty evening bags on ribbons or strings of pearls.
These bouquets can be used with pretty much any kind of dress for a touch of individuality, just keep an eye on the size - curvy girls will want a bigger, more flamboyant version, whereas too large a bouquet will look cumbersome on petite brides who are better off with a more streamlined style.


the pomander bouquet - wedding bouquet trends for 2010The Pomander

The pomander is a super cute bouquet that usually comes as a perfect sphere of gorgeous flowers hanging on a ribbon.
It can be hung on the wrist while dancing, dining and toasting, and for this reason it is also perfect for flower girls as it is less likely to get lost or damaged.
The pomanders can be made of flowers of all one colour, or they can be made with various flowers or even interspersed with crystals or pearls for a unique look.
This kind of bouquet looks fantastic with super feminine ball gowns or with right on trend fifties style frocks.


corsage bouquet - 2010 bridal bouquet trendsThe Corsage

You and your best girls will be transported back in time to prom night with these cute little corsages! Incredibly practical, this cute little bunch of blooms will not get lost no matter what you get up to, as it will stay firmly attached to your wrist, leaving your hands free.
This is perfect if you, like the Italians, tend to talk with your hands!
It looks best with modern, streamlined dresses, in particular simple sheath or column dresses or the shorter, flirty styles that have started cropping up recently.
Larger dresses would drown the flowers completely, and look better when paired with more grandiose bouquet styles.


Whatever bouquet you choose, be it one of 2010's top trends or a more traditional style, be sure that the colour and the style match the day and the dress and you can’t go wrong...

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