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cake-design: floral wedding cakesTrees, shrubs and bulbs have all begun to burst into flower releasing their heady fragrance into the air.
The sun has begun to warm the air, the birds are singing and winter is finally over! What better way to celebrate a spring wedding than to recreate the beauty of the season in the wedding centrepiece... the cake.

There are plenty of different ways of incorporating a floral theme, which is one of the most classic of cake decorations, into the delicious sweetness of the wedding cake...

  1. Use fresh flowers as decoration. Probably the simplest way of using flowers on your cake as well as one of the most striking. A plain white cake like the one above can be made to look stunning with a smattering of fresh flowers in your accent colour. Smaller flowers can be scattered across the cake, while larger ones can be arranged on top of the tiers. Flowers such as orchids which descend in cascades can be curled around the cake for a particularly stunning effect. Your florist should know which flowers are safe to use on cakes (i.e. the non toxic ones!) and procure pesticide free blooms.
  2. Sugar flowers. Beautiful sugar flowers take a lot of skill and an eye for detail to create, but they can be worth paying the extra for if you want a beautiful floral creation that is completely edible! From simple pastel sugar daisies and violets for dainty cakes like wedding cupcakes, to more elaborate creations  like roses, lilies and hydrangeas for larger cakes, the advantages of sugar flowers are that they don’t wilt or dry up in the heat, buds won’t open to ruin the look halfway through the festivities and you can have any combination of colours and flowers for a truly unique wedding cake design.
  3. Floral stencils. For a more abstract or graphic appearance perfectly in harmony with a modern wedding, you could get the flowers stencilled on in  coloured icing. This can take the form of lifelike art or of stylised flowers depending on the wedding style you are looking for, from vintage to oriental to modern graphics. This technique is highly versatile, making it a wonderful alternative for those who are looking for something chic, stylish and 100% personalised.
  4. Put the flowers IN the cake. Um... yes you really can, and it will be tasty too! Flowers have actually been used in cake recipes for many, many years, including roses, lavender, poppies and pansies. The idea might seem strange, but the flowers actually add flavour as well as colour to the cake, without tasting like perfume – in fact lavender tastes a little like lemon!

These classic floral cake decorations work well at any time of year, although they definitely come into their own in spring because of the abundance of natural blooms after the winter. If you want to tie in some of these ideas with your Italian wedding destination, then why not look at the flowers in season where you are getting married? Lemon and orange blossom on the Southern coasts, poppies and sunflowers in Tuscany and cherry blossoms and primroses further to the North all make for beautiful cake making inspiration.

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