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cool wedding place cardsEvery couple wants to have a unique wedding, and for their guests to remember their reception as being different from everybody else’s, and place cards are one of those little details that guests don’t easily forget.
There are a few different ways of making your place cards unique, and here are just a few of them...

  • Lay them out differently... You might choose classic cards, but have them laid out in an original way. You could have them hanging from the branches of small trees, such as bonsai trees, or have them dangling from the ceiling on coloured ribbons which will remain to form part of the decorations. You could even have them hanging on washing line with coloured pegs at the entrance.
  • Have a theme... Yes, even your place cards can become part of your wedding theme! For a beach wedding, for example, you could buy shells and write on or engrave them, using these as place cards. Alternatively, for a winter wedding have votive candles with the names printed on them in vellum – be sure to have the venue light these just before the guests come to pick them up though, or they may get too hot. For a garden wedding, tie each name on a piece of ribbon to a small bouquet, or to a miniature model plant.
  • Make them edible... If you like chocolate, get personalised chocolate tablets. If you are a fan of wine, have a glass of champagne or wine with the name of each guest waiting on trays. If you have a sweet tooth, go for personalised iced cupcakes or tie ribbons with the names on them around lollipop sticks. One thing is for certain... nobody can resist edible place cards!
  • Make them into favours... whether they are mini espresso cups, bottles of wine or limoncello with personalised labels, or picture frames with a picture of the guests in each, these will not only be that little bit different, but will also give them something special to remember it by.

The only rule when picking your place cards is to make sure that the names are easily legible so that guests don’t spend hours looking for their place. Apart from that, let your imagination run wild!

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