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the perfect style for the beach brideThe beach bride is relaxed, fun and maybe even a bit bohemian, and so is her look! It is all about being comfortable in the sun and on the sand, without worrying about your shoes sinking into the beach and your dress getting sand on it. For this reason a wedding look for a beach wedding is often a bit different, moving away from the traditional long frock and elaborate hairstyle and towards a softer, more romantic look... which is right on trend for 2010!


The dress

A beach wedding dress is usually not highly structured and doesn’t have a long train, which would get caught in the sand and wouldn’t stay white for very long! The look is relaxed, in fitting with the outdoor setting, and often quite simple, with empire line, slightly bohemian dresses in light, airy fabrics and shorter, flirty styles to keep hemlines up out of the sand and to allow for a bit of paddling on the shore.  In the summer, white or light colours and natural fabrics are best to avoid overheating.


The dress is simple, so the accessories should be too. In fact, many beach brides choose to go jewellery free (aside from the ring, of course!) so as not to risk losing precious items in the sand and the surf. As for shoes, heels are a big no! The last thing you want is to hobble down the aisle while your heels sink into the sand and try to trip you up. Flat beaded sandals complete the bohemian look to a tee, and brightly coloured flip-flops add a dash of fun and colour to a short skirted look.


If you are getting married on a beach in summer, you will be hoping for good weather - warm, sunny and dry. Hot weather might go brilliantly with fun and fantastic photographs, but it does not go well with heavy makeup! Panda eyes and melting foundation is not a good look, especially on your wedding day... We suggest a light, fresh look, playing up the eyes with just a touch of eyeliner and waterproof mascara, using a lip tint that will stay put, and using a tinted moisturiser rather than full on foundation, with just a dash of blush or bronzing powder for a flush of healthy colour.


You can wear your hair up or down, whichever looks best for your face and with your dress, but remember that very severe or perfectly styled hairstyles won’t work, as the sea breeze will have strands escaping and flying around within five minutes flat. Updos should be simple, accessorised with flowers, shells or beads, and should look better, not worse, when a little messy. The best look for your hair when it is down is relaxed beachy waves of course – just stick a flower behind your ear and voilà!

A wedding on the beach requires you (and your guests) to think even more about how you will dress for the day, but it also allows for a more relaxed, comfortable look, which can be perfect for those who don’t like formal wear to feel more like themselves on their big day! Italy is blessed with a plethora of stunning beaches, and many venues are right on the coast, for that perfect Mediterranean celebration.

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