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Villa Certano



Villa Certano is a historical residence, spread out over a sunny and breezy hillside, about 7 kms from Siena.
Inside the farm, on the summit of the hill, lies the antique rural village with the master villa extending over the volcanic sandy rock, giving a brownish yellow color typical to this land in which olives and grapes have been harvested for centuries.
Villa Certano that has been owned for generations by the Baldassarrini Macinelli family, was also inhabited by the famous painter and architect Lorenzo di Pietro Vecchietta during the Renaissance.The village is made up of rural constructions, restored and furnished for small apartment vacation get aways and relaxation under the shade of the centennial oak trees. Attached to the Villa, there is a pre-roman church, which according to records existed already in the 8th Century A.D. at the time of the Longobard King, Liutprando.
Being a little village entire place can be rented out by the couple, including the church in which to get married, which makes Villa Certano truly unique. All couples can live here the atmosphere of by gone days, with both elegant and country style wedding celebration.

Key features

  • It has been in the family for generations
  • The frescoed halls of the villa
  • The romantic atmosphere
  • Peace
  • It is very near to Siena
    Dream Wedding E-Card

Dream Wedding E-Card Gift

The couple won't pay their stay at Villa Certano: this is our gift. There will be a bottle of our wine in every apartment/country house.

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